Consciously Quitting Smoking

Do you you or someone you love have a smoking habit that keeps you apart from living the life you know is your true birth right?

You get it. Smoking just isn’t as cool as it once seemed.

I was a smoker for 13 years myself. I have first hand experience of what it’s like to grapple with the smoking habit. Guess how I quit? I quit once and for all through self hypnosis. That’s right! It was a good 7 years before I was to discover my path as a hypnotherapist, and I am living proof that when you’re ready, and you have the mindset help needed to support shifting those internal programs that tell you, that smoking is cool or I have to have a smoke now as a reward, or even, this cigarette makes me more intelligent etc. All the inner stories that fool you into thinking that cigarette smoking is anything other than an unhealthy habit that depletes you of valuable time, money, energy and wellbeing. Now, almost 17 years after quitting, I still feel that twinge of incredulity at the thought that I ever thought smoking was cool. I also thought that by switching my brand of cigarettes from Camel Lights to American Spirits – Yellow Pack – I was choosing a healthier option. It wasn’t until I had really kicked the habit how much better I could feel. And the best feeling of all, FREEDOM. Freedom from the old ball and chain known as cigarettes.

You can find freedom too.

The funny thing about the help I received was it was just a 10 minute, low-quality recording that my friend was given after being a part of a smoking cessation study at UCSF. The recording worked for me, but not for my friend. The reason? I was really ready, and he wasn’t.

That’s right! The recording wasn’t even GOOD! It wasn’t even made with me as the client in mind! And it still worked!

I’m now offering a powerful Consciously Quitting Smoking package for individuals, and working on a group offering that will support women who are moving toward permanently quitting on my Facebook Group: Conscious Women Quitting Smoking, you can find that link here:

I provide tips and support and it is my hope that I build this community of support for women to help one another become their better selves by finally ending the smoking habit.

If you or someone you know is REALLY READY to end the cycle of self judgement, drain on your vital life-force energy, lack of confidence, shame and guilt around smoking, this program is for you!

Here’s what you get:

4 Day Program.

First 2 sessions are back to back to manage withdrawal symptoms.

3rd Day is about a week after 2nd session to reinforce new neural pathways and behavior changes while deepening further into the unconscious patterns you carry that prevent you from actualizing life as a permanent non-smoker.

4th session –  Anytime followup session

With the package you receive

  • 6 hours of 1:1 client centered integrative coaching and hypnosis
  • Mindset optimization and coaching
  • 15 minute reinforcement recording to listen to anytime
  • Multiple quick tools to use for breaking habitual smoking behavior
  • Tools to disrupt in the moment cravings
  • Healing old stories around smoking
  • Techniques to strengthen
    • Self efficacy
    • Self trust
    • Inner Sovereignty
    • MindBodySpirit support
    • Self Empowerment
    • Deeper Connection to Wellbeing

If you’re ready to trade this old habit for something that suits where you’re heading in life better, use this link to schedule your free discovery call to see if this is the right program for you.

Please note, this program is not a one size fits all program. I personally customize each session to meet clients where they are in their journey.

I am only interested in working with people who are drawn to my work and are interested in a more woo-woo approach to quitting smoking.


If this resonates, follow this link to schedule your no cost discovery call today:






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