Nora Yolles-Young



How do we open the door to the essence of self? Does reading a blog post or self help book give us the answer to who we are at our core? The answer is no; simply because there is one person alone that can gain entry to your glorious unique essence, and that my friend is YOU. There are plenty of resources and brilliant minds that are able to assist you in your journey to self discovery, yet that final plunge into the deep end of core essence is your dive to make. Yikes!

Here’s the good news. At that essential core, you are connected to the very reason you are meant to be here in a physical body on planet Earth. That ‘knowing’ aspect of self ‘gets’ and understands that…

* You are perfect even if your conscious human mind is riddled with doubt

* Your thoughts create your reality

* When you were born your soul understood exactly what you were ‘getting into’ and agreed to the experience of life in the physical world.

* Life is to be experienced from the position of the drivers seat

* Your emotional experience is meant to guide your choices and direction in life.

* Spending time with caring, open-hearted  people WILL uplift you.

* There is no need to change anyone’s mind. That is NOT why you are here.

* People who are experiencing long-term sad, angry, depressed, abusive patterns of behavior DO effect YOUR level of joy.

* The point of being alive is to have FUN!

It may be unnerving for some to read that you ALONE have the power to access your essential nature. And confusing to know in the same breath that you are never alone. What gives? The human perception of ‘aloneness’ or loneliness is actually an illusion of this physical reality. You/I/we are in fact, never alone. We have legions of non-physical friends (spirit beings) with the ability to assist us and fill the void that loneliness triggers. They are there. At your service. They show up in anachronistic signs, telepathic words of wisdom, soothing energies, sensations of warmth, breezes or gusts of wind, familiar smells. There the are, connecting if you are willing to pay attention.  So if you request the presence of a missed loved one to prove that you are not alone, you will be met with reassurance, instantly, they will be there. Whether you believe it or not is another matter. Ask, and the universe says YES!

By knowing we are part of a larger whole, we can get to work.

By trusting then allowing the internal nudges or ‘gut feelings’ toward new ideas, vistas and experiences, we permit our divine guidance to lead us toward true alignment with our essence, which in turn, will carry us to our joy destination.


Footnote: This post was inspired by the Abraham-Hicks material.