Shoot for the Moon!

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Some may find it hard to believe that we as human beings have unlimited potential. And what does this really mean anyway? What this means to me as a hypnotherapist, healer and life coach is that we people tend to get stuck focusing on the things we observe every day. This can have negative consequences if we tend to notice things that induce fear, stress, and validations that the world is going to hell in a hand basket!

In the work I do, I see people who are stuck in a feed back loop of negativity. This tends to impact people on all levels: Work, Family, Love and Finances. So how does a person change their life and launch into the stratosphere?

My goal in my work is to let people know that they are more than the sum of their personal narrative; their story. Remember, if you accept that you are what you think, and you’re telling yourself that “I’ll never amount to anything” or ” I am just not happy-go-lucky” then chances are pretty good that you are having difficulty achieving your goals successfully, or that you tend to be a little on the gloomy side. You are the creator of that reality! The good news is, if you’ve found yourself in my office, or reading this blog, there is a pretty good chance that you might be (at least slightly) open to a new narrative. A story that is more appropriate for your new, more optimistic personal narrative. One that might even include being open to a nice helping of smiles and happiness! I mean, shoot for the moon!

There is no limit to the fun and success we can get out of life when we learn how to become empowered in our thoughts.





Allowing Essence to Shine



How do we open the door to the essence of self? Does reading a blog post or self help book give us the answer to who we are at our core? The answer is no; simply because there is one person alone that can gain entry to your glorious unique essence, and that my friend is YOU. There are plenty of resources and brilliant minds that are able to assist you in your journey to self discovery, yet that final plunge into the deep end of core essence is your dive to make. Yikes!

Here’s the good news. At that essential core, you are connected to the very reason you are meant to be here in a physical body on planet Earth. That ‘knowing’ aspect of self ‘gets’ and understands that…

* You are perfect even if your conscious human mind is riddled with doubt

* Your thoughts create your reality

* When you were born your soul understood exactly what you were ‘getting into’ and agreed to the experience of life in the physical world.

* Life is to be experienced from the position of the drivers seat

* Your emotional experience is meant to guide your choices and direction in life.

* Spending time with caring, open-hearted  people WILL uplift you.

* There is no need to change anyone’s mind. That is NOT why you are here.

* People who are experiencing long-term sad, angry, depressed, abusive patterns of behavior DO effect YOUR level of joy.

* The point of being alive is to have FUN!

It may be unnerving for some to read that you ALONE have the power to access your essential nature. And confusing to know in the same breath that you are never alone. What gives? The human perception of ‘aloneness’ or loneliness is actually an illusion of this physical reality. You/I/we are in fact, never alone. We have legions of non-physical friends (spirit beings) with the ability to assist us and fill the void that loneliness triggers. They are there. At your service. They show up in anachronistic signs, telepathic words of wisdom, soothing energies, sensations of warmth, breezes or gusts of wind, familiar smells. There the are, connecting if you are willing to pay attention.  So if you request the presence of a missed loved one to prove that you are not alone, you will be met with reassurance, instantly, they will be there. Whether you believe it or not is another matter. Ask, and the universe says YES!

By knowing we are part of a larger whole, we can get to work.

By trusting then allowing the internal nudges or ‘gut feelings’ toward new ideas, vistas and experiences, we permit our divine guidance to lead us toward true alignment with our essence, which in turn, will carry us to our joy destination.


Footnote: This post was inspired by the Abraham-Hicks material.




Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – Is it for you?


 Change your mind, change your life


Hypnosis is a powerful healing method that helps people access the aspects of their subconscious mind that controls beliefs, behavior, the autonomic nervous system and memory. Approximately 10 percent of your mind is used for conscious awareness. The additional 90 percent is reserved for subconscious mind. Ponder that! That means we are not “tuned” into the majority of our mind. Hypnosis provides the means to access this part of our mind.

By bridging the conscious and unconscious mind, one has the opportunity to update and heal aspects of life that are not working well.

Stress, fear, anger, relationship problems, control issues, over/under eating, weight management, self esteem, fertility, child birth, pain management, traumatic memory release, smoking, feeling stuck, performance enhancement and the list goes on and on.

I tell clients if  they can identify an area that they would like to improve, change or gain greater insight into, hypnosis is a great option for you!


Nora Yolles-Young C.Ht. PLR


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regressions – Don’t Believe? See Past Lives…

But what if I don’t believe in past lives…

Hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regressions (PLR’s) are often asked, do I have to believe in past lives to have a past life regression? The short answer, no.

Believe it or not the experience of a PLR is more about allowing yourself to have an experience and less about the actual past lives you experience. As with any adventure, we understand that once the adventure has begun it’s best to simply allow it to happen. A gifted regressionist will gently and nimbly guide one through their unique connection with these forgotten aspects of self. Assisting the client in reconnecting these potent morsels to provide for maximum growth and healing in the current life time.

One of the misconceptions people have about PLR’s is that having one is like going to a movie theater and watching a lifetime unfold as if it were an epic drama. The experience is actually much more powerful than that. Imagine yourself going from total amnesia to total knowing in an instant; wouldn’t that be nice? Total clarity! Clients are actually living their previous life accessed from the subconscious mind in a download type fashion. Once a memory is accessed, it’s is the clients to have and hold for greater understanding. These rich memories allow us to actually re-experience these select moments in their soul’s life to help inform the current life.


It’s important to trust that a person will always get the most appropriate information available at the time of a session. The best way to prepare, is by coming into a session with an open mind and without expectations. This enables a person to get the most out of an experience that has unlimited potential for generating insight.

PLR’s open the doors to deeper meaning and greater clarity of purpose in life. They can help alleviate mysterious illnesses and fears by accessing lifetimes where injuries or traumas that have been carried into the current life.

I love PLR’s because they are an amazing tool for healing and for effortlessly showing and reminding clients of their infinite and spiritual nature. It reconnects us to each other and to the magical harmony that is life.



Spirit Onlookers and Hitchhikers


I am a practical kind of gal. Being a light worker, a working professional, mother, wife and friend to many, I have a busy schedule, and I try to figure out ways to artfully weave the essential practices that simplify and most greatly assist me in my life’s work. Meditation has been a huge alignment tool for me. I’ve never been an ace at meditating, but I KNOW that the clarity of my guidance in my role here in the physical realm is greatly assisted by quieting my mind chatter and connecting with my highest self and spirit support.  This connection allows whatever is meant to come through to flow more freely.

As you have likely noticed, there is a LOT of information about shifting energies out there. I read the energy forecasts and reports voraciously as they help validate what it is that I am going through as a human being evolving into my infinite potential.  I have noticed that in this shifting time where the paradigms are falling away, there is an increase in the spirit tourists passing through on their way “home”. To put it another way, as souls are leaving due to death or release from lower density energies, there can tend to be some confusion about what is happening and how to proceed. “Hey, what’s happening here? Am I dead? Who is this shiny sparkling being sitting here glowing like a rainbow?” This might be what these beings say to themselves as they pass by you. Wouldn’t you want to stop and take a peek?

As light workers with increasing capacities of light, we are attractive to beings that are “passing through”. These little window shoppers appear as little faces or eyes peeking in to our energetic space. It can be startling to see a pair of confused spirit eyes popping in for a look-see while we are having a peaceful moment of mindfulness. If this is something that is happening in your meditations, dream state, or even awake state, know that you are NOT alone. This is happening to many of us.

Here are are some tips that I’ve found helpful.

It is important to stay out of fear when having these experiences. It may seem like a tall order when some of the beings peeking in look a little creepy or mischievous, but they just need a little assistance, crowd control, really. Fear will only exacerbate the situation and create a thread of energetic resonance between you and that being, which you don’t want.

Here are suggestions for handling the curious ones.


  • Intention Setting – First decide what your intention is before you: meditate, sleep and wake up for the day. Decide how you want the meditation session, healing session or dream session to go. This will have an enormous impact on the expansion you experience in your light work.
  • Before meditation – Be sure the space you meditate in has a great feeling to it. Smudging the area with sage, bringing in your favorite crystals, and lighting candles will create a great vibe for your space.
  • As you begin to meditate. Be sure to sit with a straight back. Laying down is preferred by some, having your spinal column stacked, straight and strong will enable you to be more of a clear conduit and in more physical alignment with your body.
  • Your energy field. Set and balance your auric space by bringing in white and/or golden light. Set your intention by bringing in your guides, angels, archangels and/or the ascended master you feel the greatest connection with.
  • Once you sense, see, hear or experience the onlooker, acknowledge that you are aware of the being’s presence. There is no need to be afraid just notice, as if you were noticing a person on a crowded bus.
  • Communicate that this is your space.
  • Let them know that they are not welcome in your space – setting boundaries is an important skill in any human endeavor.
  • Communicate that they are in spirit form and not in a physical body, and they have loved ones who are waiting for them. Let them know that they can go to the light. They may not want to go to the dark – imagine a deep sea animal’s soul going to the light – they might prefer the dark and that is okay too.
  • Ask your ascended master to assist you in escorting the being to the vibration that is most appropriate for this being. Allow this to take place.
  • Repeat as many times is necessary. 

Like any practice, it becomes easier the more it’s done. If you find yourself struggling with fear, it helps to remember that you are not alone. Utilize your spirit assistance by asking your “team” to help you stay out of fear, which is what they are there to do, help YOU.

This is a simple tool that can be used and altered as is appropriate for you. This is just meant to be one more tool to add to your light worker tool kit. My hope is that we amazing humans learn to trust that we have what it takes to assist in this powerful time of transition into the golden age.

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Healing Ancient Wounds. 10 Steps to Clearing and Healing

Vasana: Ancient soul wound immerging from the human energy body as: A traumatic flash back, rage, anger, fear, physical pain, exhaustion, sadness, sorrow

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are familiar with the term and concept of Vasana or ancient wound. Even if you are new to this subject, it’s likely there is a juicy bit for here for you. My goal in this article is to provide a practical tool to assist and empower those who feel side-tracked or troubled by these soul wounds.

Firstly, you are not alone. All awakening beings are experiencing vasanas on some level. Because they are a natural part of the ascension process (awakening of human consciousness), it is important to understand that we must resolve these ancient wounds for our soul’s evolution. You absolutely CAN learn how to cope and release these wounds. Because our souls live forever, we can do the work now or later, quickly or slowly. There is no time frame.  The work will indeed get done; it’s just a matter of whether or not you want to do it now. Because of ascension, there is added “support” energetically for the processing of these wounds, making them more noticeable in our daily lives; often distracting us and draining our internal resources.

Because so many of us are light workers eager to be of service to the planet at this time, it can be discouraging when an ancient wound rears up and forces our attention away from our service work. Please trust and know that this is part of the work, and we have to decide to roll-up our sleeves and get through it if we are going to actualize our true potential as light beings. However, the choice is yours.

When experiencing an ancient wound it is essential to look internally to the mind and make an intentional connection with our higher self. Because we are spirit beings having a human experience you are more vast than the human biological organism has the capacity to access. Imagine fitting all of the light of the sun into a jar and closing the lid, that just about gets at how vast we are. Yet here on Earth, we lose the sensation of that knowing. The great news is the higher self is accessible by way of your mind.

Trusting without scientific proof may be a stretch for some; yet I suggest that is as easy as a decision to be willing. Trust that our higher self is as close and accessible as our index finger is to our thumb.

While experiencing an ancient wound, however you experience it; we can all agree that it feels lousy. These old yucky, painful, often ugly, tucked-away aspects of our selves can take our breath away. Here’s something to try. It can be done anywhere with eyes open or closed, just make sure you are seated or near a chair if you need to sit during the process.

1)      Agree and acknowledge that you are having this experience, and breathe.

2)      Decide and trust that you have the courage to get through it.

3)      Reach out to your higher self. Simply think or state out loud “Higher self, please be with me now.”

4)      Notice where in your body, and how you are experiencing your wound.

5)      Ask your higher self to assist you in becoming the observer to your experience.

6)      See yourself in your mind’s eye standing to the side of your experience viewing it in it’s entirety and without judgment.

7)      Allow the wound to tell you what it needs. You might ask “Wound what are you showing me” or “How can I help you heal”?

8)      Imagine the higher self/observer aspect of self giving the wound what it needs with unconditional love. It could be healing light, sound, a prayer, whatever feels most appropriate to you.

9)      Ask the wound if there is anything else that can be done at this time to assist in its healing. If so, repeat steps 7 and 8.

10)    Now ask that all aspects of self be combined and integrated into a new more whole and healthy you.

Releasing our wounding comes in layers. It is important to be patient and kind with ourselves as we traverse the terrain of this wild and truly awesome journey of life as human beings on glorious Terra Gaia.

Affirmation: I am open to love, to growth and to the light of my spirit.





Fear Fundamentals

“May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism.”

– Unknown

I had a great lesson about fear today. This morning, after waking up early and feeling proud of myself for meditating AND doing yoga, I was faced with a high (family) drama situation, and it ALL happened before 7:30 am! My 5 year old daughter who is in the phase of life where she is losing her front teeth, unexpectedly had one of her front teeth almost knocked out by her brother last night while rough-housing before bed. She awoke this morning in a haze of fear. I failed to figure out exactly what was causing the fear; fear of pain, blood, looking funny, loss of control, being teased by kids at school… it could have been any number of things. In her young mind, she assumed that if she stayed tucked in that state of fear induced paralysis for long enough, the tooth drama would just magically go away. Her Mommy and Daddy had the lucky job of bringing down the hammer of reality.

“We must move past the fear, my sweet girl”. As parents, finding the least harmful option out of an out-right lame list of choices is tricky terrain. The goal – DO NO HARM. And when that is not possible, option B becomes – Do the Least Amount of Harm possible.

In the final analysis, fear is an important tool for human beings. It works great when running from a runaway train. In my opinion, we humans have become quite fond of the benefits of FEAR. Wait did she say benefits? Yes, I did! Fear enables us to live a life outside of the NOW moment. It’s great for that. If we are always thinking about how to be prepared for the unknown, we miss where we actually are. Our bodies may be in the now, but we are not in our bodies when we are in fear, we are actually visiting the place or thing we are afraid of. Meaning, we are unplugged from our selves, and ungrounded and totally separate from the NOW moment. This also wreaks havoc on all aspects of our beings: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The benefit? Avoiding the discomfort of the unknown.

Fear in the physical body causing the release of harmful stress hormones that increase likelihood of dis-ease.

Fear in the emotional body show up as emotional blocks, which are the locations of “issues” in your energetic body. Over time, these emotional blocks can make it more and more difficult to cope and interfere with the healthy flow of energy in the emotional body, which can lead to the development of physical symptoms (i.e. pushing down fear through over eating).

Allowing fear into the mental body by watching fear saturated images on television and the media, or living lives that embrace “preemptive” approaches to problems can distract us from the ever present magic and serendipity that is constantly nudging and validating us along our path. A thought pattern based in fear sounds like “I really want to go to the beach today, but I am afraid it might rain”. The fear is the of the unknown. The rain is the excuse not to be in the moment. Closing the door on an activity that would otherwise create unlimited possibilities.

Fear in the spirit body makes it very difficult for us to actualize our “higher” goals, which includes manifesting our dreams and connecting with our inner truth.

Living a life free of fear is a choice. It takes evaluating the kinds of interactions we engage in every day. From the types of television shows we watch (i.e. crime shows, shows where people are treating one another badly, violent shows, natural disaster shows and the like) to the way we relate to the world. Am I perpetuating a life of fear for myself and family? How do I live a life where fear is not over utilized?

By 7:40am, my daughter had survived having her tooth pulled and all calm was restored.

I would love to hear what you think about clearing the fear from your life, and what you do to make life more fear-free.

Until then, have a glorious day!

Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.