Nora Yolles-Young

DSCN4642Being a being of light has its perks. Did you know that you actually ARE a being of light? Research by Dr. Fritz Popp, a German biophysicist, has actually clarified quite impressively that literally trillions of photons are working intelligently with your body in all aspects of your life.  Cool right!? You can use this little known fact to help you have a more positive experience at work. Here are some suggestions.

The thoughts you think are in fact a LIGHT frequency that is directed and living within a framework of intelligent potential that your imagination can direct and shift with your attention and intention. It is your light workers inner discernment that will guide you in the proper use of these gifts.

Cleaning up Your Space

If you are miserable at work first take note of your mood and clean it up. Working within your energetic space to get it humming and happy is fun and easy.

Bubble or Force-Field Technique

Imagine you have a large happy bubble that encompasses you. Expand it to about the size of a typical office cubical. Bring in a color that really makes you smile. It could be a single color, one with sparkles or rainbow colored. All that matters is that it makes you feel good. Once your happiness is at a peak place, or you feel a big goofy grin on your face it’s time for the work environment. Here is a good technique to start with.

The Fairy Dust Visualization

Imagine that you have an unlimited supply of  fairy dust. Note that fairy dust has no negative effects and cannot be used for harm. Now, imagine yourself sprinkling happy and whimsical fairy dust around your job place – imagine it filling in the work environment with intelligent golden-white light. Perhaps the conference room needs some – see the fairy dust light up and go to the spaces that need the most light. Maybe the air ducts could spread a boost of joy into the nooks and crannies of the building. Just spend a few seconds with these musings, then get back to work. Allow yourself to notice how the fairy dust shifts things throughout the day. Noticing subtle shifts will encourage further experimentation in upliftment; adding to the tools you can use now to improve your world.

Golden sun rays of light are also fun visuals to play with. As a light bringer, it is important to offer the energies, never force. As a light worker you have volunteered to be of service in the upliftment. You will find the impact will ALWAYS be far greater when your light work is used with loving allowance. Keeping a personal policy of DO NO HARM is a good rule of thumb.