Navigating Toxic Relationships

What is about toxic relationships that keeps us stuck in the same old cycles? What will it finally take to finally take the next step towards freedom?


Toxic relationships. Freedom now or later?


Feel like you’re walking on egg shells?

A toxic relationship brings the worst out in you and the other person.

It depletes you and negatively impacts your sense of sanity, confidence, and self worth.

So, what keeps us in toxic relationships? The answer is simple. We’re still getting something out of. It may be a small missing piece lesson or a deep foundational soul lesson.

Whatever the reason. There is no judgement here. I’m here to support you with getting really honest with yourself.

By owning your side of the pattern of disfunction, you re-claim your power to decide differently.

You get to decide the fate of your relationships!

And know, you’re not alone. I myself have had to heal my toxic relationships! I had to to take an honest look at the kind of relationships I was drawing to myself. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined and I’m on the other side of toxic relationships now. I can spot them a mile away!

I was able to disrupt that old stressful pattern.

I learned to honor the relationships for the lesson’s they proved to be for me. And once I was ready to move another direction, I made that shift.

I didn’t do it alone. I got help.

Our souls grow through experience! Experience provides us the knowledge base that can only come from going through it.

The silver lining is, there is a limit to what each person is willing to tolerate.

I advocate for making the best decisions for you. That being said, sometimes your safe decision is the next person’s reckless decision.

This leads me to a point about your inner guidance and your comfort zone. We live in an era where there are a lot of rules to the social game. However, rules are simply opinions that a large group of opinion adopt and run with.

You on the other hand have your very own guidance system hardwired within you. That is your soul mind network has access to everything knowable. To access it, all that is needed is to go within to connect.

In times of confusion which is an inevitable by-product of a toxic relationship, you can gain access to the exit strategy or the way to shift your thought process to gain the lessons learned and move into the next phase of your life.

If you have any doubt about that, just keep in mind that I myself extricated myself from a toxic relationship where I was stalked for over a year.

It can be done and the choice is yours.

You are worth it.

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Your Body is a Tuning Fork!

Have you ever pondered the notion that your body is a highly advanced biological, energetic, soul instrument or technology?

It’s a discrete and hyper- sensitive transmitter and receiver of intelligent energy that your MindBody network innately knows how to operate.

Each thought, emotion and experience you have, comes into your MindBody network through this tech with the sophistication of a supercomputer who’s data is sorted and coordinated seamlessly with all aspects of self.

In general terms, your MindBody network transmits and receives messages to and from your

  • Physiological, biological self
  • Mental/Intellectual Self
  • Emotional Self
  • Higher/Spiritually connected self

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of what your MindBody does for you every millisecond of every moment, and on and on.

To me this is what makes being a spiritual being living a human experience so filled with magic, miracle and opportunities for mastery!

It may be fun to consider that all the gadgets and technology that you pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for the newest versions of don’t hold a candle to the gadgetry that you have hard wired within you.

So, how does one access this inner tech? I’m glad you asked!

By going within.

Spiritual hypnotherapy, my brand of hypnotherapy is another way to quickly and powerfully access the magnificent inner gadgetry within you.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you in opening to the vast tech within, I’m excited to connect.

It’s easy!

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I am really looking forward to being your soul companion on your journey to inner soul tech discovery!

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Being Seen and Heard

 First things first, YOU are ENOUGH! Bottom, base-line FACT.
When I was a kid. I would get completely bent out of shape when I felt misunderstood.
I felt is was my job to communicate clearly and be understood.
What I’ve learned over my nutty journey in life is that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, I will not always be seen, heard or understood.
I’ve learned to say screw it!
If you can’t see and hear me that’s data for me.
Perhaps It‘s wasn’t the right time, or maybe my words or message don’t resonate with that person or group.
That’s actually FABULOUS!
What used to spiral me into negative thought-loops and gnaw at my confidence trying to figure out WHY I didn’t get it right,
is no longer my burden to carry.
Sure I care that I am communicating with intent and clarity – that’s my end of the street to keep clean;
But there is another side to it. It takes two to tango as they say!
Why waste precious time on not being seen or heard by the wrong people?
Isn’t it time to own YOU?
To focus your precious time and energy on those that actually feel the connection. And that is enough!

Mindful Tip: Is Life Real or Imagined?

The mirror neurons in your brain do not know the difference between real and imagined. So, doesn’t it make more sense to spend time imagining big, amazing, wonderful, fruitful thoughts than unproductive fearful, anxious or stress creating thoughts? It’s up to you.

Quick grab and go mindful tips so you don’t miss your life! ✨

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Mindful Tip: Your Heart Has Thinking Cells!

Mindful connection to your heart through deep, slow breaths that focus in the heart space in conjunction with thoughts of compassion or other positive feelings, harmonizes your heart brain connection and converts your heart into a healing super power.


Taking a brief pause in your day when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed will literally change the course and outcome of your day. How is this possible? It’s all about perspective shift. If you’re in a better place, everything feels better. When you feel better, life is better.

The specialized cells in your heart that connect with the brain when in this harmonized state are called sensory neurites. They’re thinking cells in the heart! What?! Yes indeed, the heart can actually think, remember and feel independently of the brain. It’s called “The Little Brain” And communicates your heart wisdom. You know, that deeply intuitive information that many people have been taught to disregard as unreliable, or pointless feedback.

When you tap into the power of your heart, and activate the heart-brain connection, through deep breath, and loving, caring, appreciative and compassionate thoughts, you activate your super powered thought processes, massive healing potential to our subconscious thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behavior, unlock epic creativity, and over 1300 different healing  bio healing and anti-aging mechanisms in the body. Who wouldn’t want that?!

For more information on activating and healing your heart-brain connection, schedule your free informational consultation today! 

This post is inspired by Gregg Braden’s work. For information on the heart brain connection, check out Gregg Braden’s work as well as the work of the HeartMath Institute!

Mindful Tip. Get into your body, that’s where all…

Are you in your head too much? Do your thoughts take you down the tubes? You are more than your thoughts. You have body energetics that make up you mental, emotional physical and spiritual well being. If you are not connecting with those aspects of yourself, guess what? You’re out of balance. The good news is, so is most of humanity!

I combine mindfulness practices and hypnotherapy when coaching clients on their road to connecting with meaning and joy in their lives. It’s all about being here, in the moment as much as possible and giving you practical tools so you don’t miss your life!

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Past Life Hypnotherapy

Past Life Hypnotherapy to shift the context you’re working within.

When it comes to the trials and tribulation of your life, consider that you have already mastered some of the things you are continuing to revisit in this life. By accessing past life memories, you can gain access to new context for your current life circumstances. This then enhances and provides new more empowering contexts for new meaning in life.

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