Mindful Tip: Your Heart Has Thinking Cells!

Mindful connection to your heart through deep, slow breaths that focus in the heart space in conjunction with thoughts of compassion or other positive feelings, harmonizes your heart brain connection and converts your heart into a healing super power.


Taking a brief pause in your day when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed will literally change the course and outcome of your day. How is this possible? It’s all about perspective shift. If you’re in a better place, everything feels better. When you feel better, life is better.

The specialized cells in your heart that connect with the brain when in this harmonized state are called sensory neurites. They’re thinking cells in the heart! What?! Yes indeed, the heart can actually think, remember and feel independently of the brain. It’s called “The Little Brain” And communicates your heart wisdom. You know, that deeply intuitive information that many people have been taught to disregard as unreliable, or pointless feedback.

When you tap into the power of your heart, and activate the heart-brain connection, through deep breath, and loving, caring, appreciative and compassionate thoughts, you activate your super powered thought processes, massive healing potential to our subconscious thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behavior, unlock epic creativity, and over 1300 different healing  bio healing and anti-aging mechanisms in the body. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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This post is inspired by Gregg Braden’s work. For information on the heart brain connection, check out Gregg Braden’s work as well https://www.greggbraden.com/ as the work of the HeartMath Institute https://www.heartmath.com/!

Past Life Hypnotherapy

Past Life Hypnotherapy to shift the context you’re working within.

When it comes to the trials and tribulation of your life, consider that you have already mastered some of the things you are continuing to revisit in this life. By accessing past life memories, you can gain access to new context for your current life circumstances. This then enhances and provides new more empowering contexts for new meaning in life.

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Rebirthing Hypnotherapy to Heal Subconscious Trauma

Feel like you are carrying baggage that you can’t seem to unpack? Got an emotional scratch you cant reach?

Consider every possible stressor around fetal development and delivery and then you get a sense of how much most of us are being imprinted by our entry into the world.

Failed abortion, Umbilical cord around the neck, forceps, violence, prolonged labor, induced labor, drug abuse, ambivalence about coming baby…

Ever wonder how much this might be affecting your personality and perception of self? Now you don’t need to wonder. Gain access and shift preverbal unconscious imprints that are causing limiting beliefs so that you can step into who you were meant to be!


Have you ever thought that Emotions are inconvenient?

You’re not alone. It’s common to have that thought. Emotions can take us on wild rides, and it can feel unsettling when we don’t know where or how an emotional ride might end.

We’ve been taught to control our emotions. That emotions lead us astray.

Consider this quote from Marya Mannes:

“The sign of intelligent people is their ability of control their emotions by the application of reason”.

In my work, I have found that emotions and all things felt, are EVERYTHING!

It might seem strange to consider the importance of emotions, however their significance cannot be understated.

In my work with the subconscious mind, clients often struggle to find deep meaning in their lives.

Meaning that goes deeper than surface.

It’s as if all the markers of success and what we’ve been told is successful can seem hollow and empty when achieved.


Societal humans honor intellect over emotion.

We’ve become dissociated from our feelings. When it comes to happy feelings.

It’s fine to show those, just be sure that you’re not having too much fun. That would look silly, idiotic.

But negative feelings. Feelings of pain, despair, disappointment, betrayal, lack of self confidence, anger…

These are the feelings that are ignored and hidden, until like a leaky faucet, they start to leak out.

Feeling these feelings in front of the general public or at work, comes with a cost.

Loss of social currency. If you’re expressing inconvenient emotions, it better be for a good reason!

In my work, emotions are everything. That is because, they are the immediate response to thoughts you are having.

They are the real time biofeedback of your thoughts.

I use these real time consciousness data points as breadcrumbs along the trail of transformational change work with clients.

To access deep transformational healing, a client must be open to connecting with the powerful technology that they’re already hard wired for.

Emotions are that technology.

When we learn how to access, understand and most of all, honor our emotions, we become exponentially more powerful and successful.

Because it is in this connection that we gain access to our soul wisdom. And when we know the truth of our soul, we access self sovereignty.

When we are sovereign, we have the tools needed to be complete and whole. This creates an environment where we want and can take complete ownership and responsibility for how we are in life.

When we are sovereign, and own our choices, true freedom is possible.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Recalibrate for a more awesome life!

Now that winter is setting in, it’s the perfect time for recalibration.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to raise your capacity for awesome to infinity!



Become who you came here to be…

Hypnosis for Weight Loss! Let your Subconscious Do the…

Isn’t it time your mirror matched the slim/healthy you of your dreams? Reboot your weight loss goals and bust through the brick wall blocking you from the trim, healthy you!

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Hypnosis is a powerful way to support your weight loss goals by activating change deep in the subconscious mind where all of your limiting beliefs about food, comfort, craving, health and fitness are held. ​


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Mindful Eating Techniques
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“An analysis of five weight loss studies reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 showed that the “… weight loss reported in the five studies indicates that hypnosis can more than double the effects” of traditional weight loss approaches.”

University of Connecticut, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 (Vol. 64, No. 3, pgs 517-519).

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Get En Utero. Why this little known type of…

What Happens in the Womb, Stays in the Womb…

Unless You Regress.

If we were locked into the patterns of emotion and thought that are set in place during our gestation, we would be prisoners of our history, controlled by a forgotten past.  However, bringing our prebirth memories to consciousness through regression leads to a liberation from early negative experiences and to increased autonomy and freedom of choice.  We can jettison our subconscious scripts.  When the therapy is concluded, emotional limitations are lifted and the potential for personal fulfillment is increased.”  – Michael Gabriel

Research has found that our personalities are imprinted through our experience in the womb. What negative patterning are you ready to release?

Here are some of the types of healing that can occur in the womb.

  • Heal Prenatal Trauma
  • Release ingrained fears
  • Access Life’s purpose
  • Soul experience with physical body
  • Learn about body capability and how it is to operate it
  • Biological limitations and capabilities
  • Gain perspective on relationship with parents
  • Understand persistant problems

Visiting the time before birth can be hugely instructive and extraordinarily healing to who we are as people, why we tick, and what our very purpose is here in on Earth.

To some, regression may seem like a pie in the sky thing. I mean, who can really and truly go back to the very moment that lead to the fear, feelings of unworthiness, worry or not belonging? Could there really have been an event that laid the foundation for a fear of heights, or a maybe a physical symptom like a migraine or reliving the moment food become comfort in a chaotic household?

The answer is, YES!

Womb regression can happen spontaneously or gradually. We all have had a myriad of experiences in this human body. All of which are stored here in the subconscious mind. Regression provides a window of opportunity to access snapshots in time that are significant to us. Even if we don’t consciously recall these events, they are all archived and captured within the hard drive of our mind. When a trained regressionist is your guide, deep insight and transformation can happen. When healing of old, subconscious, prenatal wounds occurs, life exponentially improves.

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Hypnotherapy and the Rainbow Bridge

As loved ones choose to exit this physical reality…

We can soften into the trust that the same magnificence that gifts this existence, will guide us with love as we cross into the next.