Being Seen and Heard

 First things first, YOU are ENOUGH! Bottom, base-line FACT.
When I was a kid. I would get completely bent out of shape when I felt misunderstood.
I felt is was my job to communicate clearly and be understood.
What I’ve learned over my nutty journey in life is that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, I will not always be seen, heard or understood.
I’ve learned to say screw it!
If you can’t see and hear me that’s data for me.
Perhaps It‘s wasn’t the right time, or maybe my words or message don’t resonate with that person or group.
That’s actually FABULOUS!
What used to spiral me into negative thought-loops and gnaw at my confidence trying to figure out WHY I didn’t get it right,
is no longer my burden to carry.
Sure I care that I am communicating with intent and clarity – that’s my end of the street to keep clean;
But there is another side to it. It takes two to tango as they say!
Why waste precious time on not being seen or heard by the wrong people?
Isn’t it time to own YOU?
To focus your precious time and energy on those that actually feel the connection. And that is enough!

Through the Lens of Discovery

Getting curious about the unknown is a way of shifting out of fear and worry and moving back into your life. It’s happening right now. Like the transendentalists of our past, observing through the lens of discovery shifts awareness to the beauty yet to be perceived. Quick grab and go tips so you don’t miss your life! ✨

Are Two Alternative Therapies More Powerful than One Traditional…

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Stressed and and overwhelmed and don’t know how to slow the momentum?

Mindfulness when combined with hypnotherapy is more powerful than traditional therapies alone.

In the PsyBlog post authored by Dr. Gary Elkins, explains that

Stress Can Be Reduced By Combining These 2 Therapies (M), Dr. Gary Elkins

Dr. Elkins found that when combining hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices… “ it is quicker and cheaper than a standard intervention.“  The article states, and I 100% agree.

Integrative Hypnotherapists like me, have known the power of what is called mindfulness awareness techniques and they’re rapid affect on stress reduction for a long time.

“Mindfulness is a type of meditation that involves focusing attention on present moment awareness.

It can help people cope with stress, but can require months of practice and training.

Hypnosis also involves focusing attention, but it includes mental imagery, relaxation and suggestions for symptom reduction.”

With the state of our current life circumstances, I have seen an increase in the number of highly stressed clients.

This can have a detrimental and cascading negative effect on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Such as over eating or substance abuse to suppress stress and worry, reduction in high quality sleep, relationship stress, financial stress, not to mention the global effects stress has on your quality of life…

  • Decreased optimism
  • Increased tension and rigidity in the body
  • Short tempered
  • Inability to stay present
  • Negative thought loops
  • Increased pessimism
  • Feeling of loss of control
  • Increased anxiousness
  • Increase of bad habits or addictive behaviors

Would stress reduction benefit you?

In my practice I blend a variety of techniques including mindfulness, somatic body awareness, guided imagery, as well. as a number of advanced hypnotic techniques and holistic life strategies to provide clients with a tailored experience for optimal results. What combining mindfulness and hypnotherapy does is make being present in every day more accessible and doable, which in turn reduces stress. In other words, it helps you to experience, not miss your life!

Here are 10 quick grab and go mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve your day!

1. Become aware of the speed you’re going and intentionally slow your pace just a smidge.

2. Find something to look at and become present with whatever it is that your looking at.

3. Tune into the moment when doing mundane tasks like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth.

4. Intentionally take longer deeper breaths for a minute or two.

5. Dress yourself for your own pleasure. If you like textures, dress appropriately, but dress in a way that feels luxurious and sensual, linen, your favorite camisole or silk boxers, wear something that makes you feel special!

6. Spend a moment to tune into the sensations in your body. Simply notice and acknowledge sensations. Play with the idea that nothing needs to be done or figured out at this moment.

7. Mindful showering. Set the intention before you shower to stay in the present moment for the duration of the shower. Any time you you notice your mind going to busy thoughts of “to do”, say yippee! Then return to noticing the present moment.

8. Notice your thoughts are they empowering or of victimhood? What ever you notice. Allow yourself to notice without feeling the need to do something about it. Simply allow yourself to sit with the thought and observe where it goes.

9. Catch yourself in a negative thought loop. When driving down the freeway or performing something while on autopilot, catch yourself in your negative thought loops. Allow yourself to really tune-in and listen to what it is that is being said without judgement. When there is awareness, there is choice.

10. Wake up and think about these 4 things:

  • something or someone you care about
  • something or someone you appreciate
  • something or someone you feel gratitude for
  • something or someone you feel compassion for

Then enjoy the benefits throughout your day!

Past Life Hypnotherapy

Past Life Hypnotherapy to shift the context you’re working within.

When it comes to the trials and tribulation of your life, consider that you have already mastered some of the things you are continuing to revisit in this life. By accessing past life memories, you can gain access to new context for your current life circumstances. This then enhances and provides new more empowering contexts for new meaning in life.

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Rebirthing Hypnotherapy to Heal Subconscious Trauma

Feel like you are carrying baggage that you can’t seem to unpack? Got an emotional scratch you cant reach?

Consider every possible stressor around fetal development and delivery and then you get a sense of how much most of us are being imprinted by our entry into the world.

Failed abortion, Umbilical cord around the neck, forceps, violence, prolonged labor, induced labor, drug abuse, ambivalence about coming baby…

Ever wonder how much this might be affecting your personality and perception of self? Now you don’t need to wonder. Gain access and shift preverbal unconscious imprints that are causing limiting beliefs so that you can step into who you were meant to be!


Have you ever thought that Emotions are inconvenient?

You’re not alone. It’s common to have that thought. Emotions can take us on wild rides, and it can feel unsettling when we don’t know where or how an emotional ride might end.

We’ve been taught to control our emotions. That emotions lead us astray.

Consider this quote from Marya Mannes:

“The sign of intelligent people is their ability of control their emotions by the application of reason”.

In my work, I have found that emotions and all things felt, are EVERYTHING!

It might seem strange to consider the importance of emotions, however their significance cannot be understated.

In my work with the subconscious mind, clients often struggle to find deep meaning in their lives.

Meaning that goes deeper than surface.

It’s as if all the markers of success and what we’ve been told is successful can seem hollow and empty when achieved.


Societal humans honor intellect over emotion.

We’ve become dissociated from our feelings. When it comes to happy feelings.

It’s fine to show those, just be sure that you’re not having too much fun. That would look silly, idiotic.

But negative feelings. Feelings of pain, despair, disappointment, betrayal, lack of self confidence, anger…

These are the feelings that are ignored and hidden, until like a leaky faucet, they start to leak out.

Feeling these feelings in front of the general public or at work, comes with a cost.

Loss of social currency. If you’re expressing inconvenient emotions, it better be for a good reason!

In my work, emotions are everything. That is because, they are the immediate response to thoughts you are having.

They are the real time biofeedback of your thoughts.

I use these real time consciousness data points as breadcrumbs along the trail of transformational change work with clients.

To access deep transformational healing, a client must be open to connecting with the powerful technology that they’re already hard wired for.

Emotions are that technology.

When we learn how to access, understand and most of all, honor our emotions, we become exponentially more powerful and successful.

Because it is in this connection that we gain access to our soul wisdom. And when we know the truth of our soul, we access self sovereignty.

When we are sovereign, we have the tools needed to be complete and whole. This creates an environment where we want and can take complete ownership and responsibility for how we are in life.

When we are sovereign, and own our choices, true freedom is possible.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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