Nora Yolles-Young

Have you ever thought that Emotions are inconvenient?

You’re not alone. It’s common to have that thought. Emotions can take us on wild rides, and it can feel unsettling when we don’t know where or how an emotional ride might end.

We’ve been taught to control our emotions. That emotions lead us astray.

Consider this quote from Marya Mannes:

“The sign of intelligent people is their ability of control their emotions by the application of reason”.

In my work, I have found that emotions and all things felt, are EVERYTHING!

It might seem strange to consider the importance of emotions, however their significance cannot be understated.

In my work with the subconscious mind, clients often struggle to find deep meaning in their lives.

Meaning that goes deeper than surface.

It’s as if all the markers of success and what we’ve been told is successful can seem hollow and empty when achieved.


Societal humans honor intellect over emotion.

We’ve become dissociated from our feelings. When it comes to happy feelings.

It’s fine to show those, just be sure that you’re not having too much fun. That would look silly, idiotic.

But negative feelings. Feelings of pain, despair, disappointment, betrayal, lack of self confidence, anger…

These are the feelings that are ignored and hidden, until like a leaky faucet, they start to leak out.

Feeling these feelings in front of the general public or at work, comes with a cost.

Loss of social currency. If you’re expressing inconvenient emotions, it better be for a good reason!

In my work, emotions are everything. That is because, they are the immediate response to thoughts you are having.

They are the real time biofeedback of your thoughts.

I use these real time consciousness data points as breadcrumbs along the trail of transformational change work with clients.

To access deep transformational healing, a client must be open to connecting with the powerful technology that they’re already hard wired for.

Emotions are that technology.

When we learn how to access, understand and most of all, honor our emotions, we become exponentially more powerful and successful.

Because it is in this connection that we gain access to our soul wisdom. And when we know the truth of our soul, we access self sovereignty.

When we are sovereign, we have the tools needed to be complete and whole. This creates an environment where we want and can take complete ownership and responsibility for how we are in life.

When we are sovereign, and own our choices, true freedom is possible.

Who wouldn’t want that?