Mind Yoga

Manifesting Your Dreams – 4 Part Workshop Series

Coming Soon!

Contact: Info.younghypno@gmail.com for details.

Starting February 16th, 2021

Mind Yoga: Manifesting your dreams – 1.5 hour/wk class
Accessing your goals and desires is within reach. It’s all contained  within you. People have forgotten their natural gifts and powers of manifestation. There are many reasons for this. Let’s move beyond what you think you’re capable of and raise your bar of possibilities. 
This 4 part series is a workshop with sacred ceremony, inner journey work, journaling, collaging and accessing soul wisdom. 
about discovering what gets in your way of living life on your terms and what to do about actualizing the full manifestations you desire for yourself. Each session builds on the other and you need no previous experience. You just need a willingness to be open and ready for a deep plunge into your inner world. 
Ready, set, let’s GO!