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What Happens in the Womb, Stays in the Womb…

Unless You Regress.

If we were locked into the patterns of emotion and thought that are set in place during our gestation, we would be prisoners of our history, controlled by a forgotten past.  However, bringing our prebirth memories to consciousness through regression leads to a liberation from early negative experiences and to increased autonomy and freedom of choice.  We can jettison our subconscious scripts.  When the therapy is concluded, emotional limitations are lifted and the potential for personal fulfillment is increased.”  – Michael Gabriel

Research has found that our personalities are imprinted through our experience in the womb. What negative patterning are you ready to release?

Here are some of the types of healing that can occur in the womb.

  • Heal Prenatal Trauma
  • Release ingrained fears
  • Access Life’s purpose
  • Soul experience with physical body
  • Learn about body capability and how it is to operate it
  • Biological limitations and capabilities
  • Gain perspective on relationship with parents
  • Understand persistant problems

Visiting the time before birth can be hugely instructive and extraordinarily healing to who we are as people, why we tick, and what our very purpose is here in on Earth.

To some, regression may seem like a pie in the sky thing. I mean, who can really and truly go back to the very moment that lead to the fear, feelings of unworthiness, worry or not belonging? Could there really have been an event that laid the foundation for a fear of heights, or a maybe a physical symptom like a migraine or reliving the moment food become comfort in a chaotic household?

The answer is, YES!

Womb regression can happen spontaneously or gradually. We all have had a myriad of experiences in this human body. All of which are stored here in the subconscious mind. Regression provides a window of opportunity to access snapshots in time that are significant to us. Even if we don’t consciously recall these events, they are all archived and captured within the hard drive of our mind. When a trained regressionist is your guide, deep insight and transformation can happen. When healing of old, subconscious, prenatal wounds occurs, life exponentially improves.

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Mindfulness… Entry point to your soul.

“In this moment, there is plenty of time.

In this moment, you are precisely as you should be.

In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” ~ Victoria Moran1011870


So what the heck is mindful hypnotherapy anyhow?

You are a person. You are also a human being… the operative word here is BEing. You BE baby. You exist. So what!? It means that you not only have a body that moves and responds to the neurological impulses of thought-in-brain to body response; it also means that you have an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and permeates your physical body. This energy field is the greater you. And comprises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you.

On to mindfulness… number 1, it’s EASY and 2, it’ll change your life!

Mindfulness is a practice, a way of living your life through awareness.  The act of noticing and letting that noticing thoughts, emotion, images or sensation taking place in your mindbody complex. It’s the act of tuning into each moment with openness; without judgement.

To be with what is entering into the field of awareness. This seemingly simple act, is something we humans rarely do in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Being mindful can happen anywhere; as you lay in bed on a weekend morning; while you are stuck in traffic; while you are on hold waiting for your insurance adjuster.

So why would a person want to do such a thing?

A person may not, but being human, you have the capacity, the capability to access vast universes of depth and meaning contained within you. All you need do is notice.

Mindfulness begins with a decision to tune in. When that happens there is a pause, then a pivot. A pivot to the breath.

With each slow and deep inhale and exhale is when the act of being mindful happens. Your breath provides a an entry point into the current moment. Noticing this moment through the breath is you accessing your consciousness. Meaning, you are becoming aware of what would typically be your unconscious experience. You’re literally shifting from unawareness into awareness.

Why is this a good thing?


It’s a good thing because it enables you to witness the thoughts, feelings and emotions and images flowing through you as little data points. Little bits of data that when taken in totality have been woven into a story by the intellect or mental mind. whether true or untrue. The noticing of these data points, allow us to soften and be with things that previously were too uncomfortable to sit with. From Explosive Anger, Relationship Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, Existential Pain, Traumatic Memories to anything under the sun that holds you at bey from a life of health and happiness.

Being with these experiences initiates a strengthening that leads to greater insight and resilience.


By adding mindful noticing to your life, the quality of your life will shift. Here are some of the things that can happen.

  • You will start to open to your innate wisdom.
  • Your inner center point will strengthen.
  • You will strengthen your inner resourcefulness.
  • You will build trust with your intuition.
  • Your waking life will become more magical.
  • Your dream time will become more colorful and meaningful.
  • Your B.S. detector will become more fine-tuned.
  • There will be more synchronicities and “signs” that will show up and these are all good things.
  • You will trust yourself more.
  • You will become more successful
  • You will develop healthier boundaries in your relationships
  • You will have more joy and optimism in your day to day life.

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