Are Two Alternative Therapies More Powerful than One Traditional…

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Stressed and and overwhelmed and don’t know how to slow the momentum?

Mindfulness when combined with hypnotherapy is more powerful than traditional therapies alone.

In the PsyBlog post authored by Dr. Gary Elkins, explains that

Stress Can Be Reduced By Combining These 2 Therapies (M), Dr. Gary Elkins

Dr. Elkins found that when combining hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices… “ it is quicker and cheaper than a standard intervention.“  The article states, and I 100% agree.

Integrative Hypnotherapists like me, have known the power of what is called mindfulness awareness techniques and they’re rapid affect on stress reduction for a long time.

“Mindfulness is a type of meditation that involves focusing attention on present moment awareness.

It can help people cope with stress, but can require months of practice and training.

Hypnosis also involves focusing attention, but it includes mental imagery, relaxation and suggestions for symptom reduction.”

With the state of our current life circumstances, I have seen an increase in the number of highly stressed clients.

This can have a detrimental and cascading negative effect on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Such as over eating or substance abuse to suppress stress and worry, reduction in high quality sleep, relationship stress, financial stress, not to mention the global effects stress has on your quality of life…

  • Decreased optimism
  • Increased tension and rigidity in the body
  • Short tempered
  • Inability to stay present
  • Negative thought loops
  • Increased pessimism
  • Feeling of loss of control
  • Increased anxiousness
  • Increase of bad habits or addictive behaviors

Would stress reduction benefit you?

In my practice I blend a variety of techniques including mindfulness, somatic body awareness, guided imagery, as well. as a number of advanced hypnotic techniques and holistic life strategies to provide clients with a tailored experience for optimal results. What combining mindfulness and hypnotherapy does is make being present in every day more accessible and doable, which in turn reduces stress. In other words, it helps you to experience, not miss your life!

Here are 10 quick grab and go mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve your day!

1. Become aware of the speed you’re going and intentionally slow your pace just a smidge.

2. Find something to look at and become present with whatever it is that your looking at.

3. Tune into the moment when doing mundane tasks like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth.

4. Intentionally take longer deeper breaths for a minute or two.

5. Dress yourself for your own pleasure. If you like textures, dress appropriately, but dress in a way that feels luxurious and sensual, linen, your favorite camisole or silk boxers, wear something that makes you feel special!

6. Spend a moment to tune into the sensations in your body. Simply notice and acknowledge sensations. Play with the idea that nothing needs to be done or figured out at this moment.

7. Mindful showering. Set the intention before you shower to stay in the present moment for the duration of the shower. Any time you you notice your mind going to busy thoughts of “to do”, say yippee! Then return to noticing the present moment.

8. Notice your thoughts are they empowering or of victimhood? What ever you notice. Allow yourself to notice without feeling the need to do something about it. Simply allow yourself to sit with the thought and observe where it goes.

9. Catch yourself in a negative thought loop. When driving down the freeway or performing something while on autopilot, catch yourself in your negative thought loops. Allow yourself to really tune-in and listen to what it is that is being said without judgement. When there is awareness, there is choice.

10. Wake up and think about these 4 things:

  • something or someone you care about
  • something or someone you appreciate
  • something or someone you feel gratitude for
  • something or someone you feel compassion for

Then enjoy the benefits throughout your day!