Nora Yolles-Young
Have you ever pondered the notion that your body is a highly advanced biological, energetic, soul instrument or technology?

It’s a discrete and hyper- sensitive transmitter and receiver of intelligent energy that your MindBody network innately knows how to operate.

Each thought, emotion and experience you have, comes into your MindBody network through this tech with the sophistication of a supercomputer who’s data is sorted and coordinated seamlessly with all aspects of self.

In general terms, your MindBody network transmits and receives messages to and from your

  • Physiological, biological self
  • Mental/Intellectual Self
  • Emotional Self
  • Higher/Spiritually connected self

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of what your MindBody does for you every millisecond of every moment, and on and on.

To me this is what makes being a spiritual being living a human experience so filled with magic, miracle and opportunities for mastery!

It may be fun to consider that all the gadgets and technology that you pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for the newest versions of don’t hold a candle to the gadgetry that you have hard wired within you.

So, how does one access this inner tech? I’m glad you asked!

By going within.

Spiritual hypnotherapy, my brand of hypnotherapy is another way to quickly and powerfully access the magnificent inner gadgetry within you.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you in opening to the vast tech within, I’m excited to connect.

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I am really looking forward to being your soul companion on your journey to inner soul tech discovery!

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